Monday, May 23, 2011

internet n how it effects our lives (gile macam karangan SPM punye tajuk)

i'll start this post, with a little info bout me n the internet. not dat anyone cares but i want to write about it anyways to get this post started.

me and the internet goes way back. back when i was in standard 4 or 5. the first thing that i do with the internet, chat on mirc. got to know many ppl there, including my ex. lol. i've been using the internet since dial up connection days. had an email which i use to keep in touch with my mirc friends. when i was in form 2 or 3, comes friendster. at that time i think my house was installed with streamyx connection but most of my activities on the net at that time mostly revolves around mirc (where i download songs) and friendster. at that time, handphones are on the rise thus eliminating the use of e-mail to keep in touch with friends, bit by bit.

ok enuf ramble about me, now i can write about today's internet.

there's a good side and bad side of everything so since i like to have the bad news first, i'd like to write on the negative side of the internet before going on with the positive aspect of it. from what i can see, ppl tend to put the internet first, slowly making their lives revolve around it. there are ppl who uses internet to get cheap fame by basically posting their entire life on the net. these ppl would do anything "for the facebook" or "for the twitter" etc. if there's something interesting, the first thing that comes into their minds, "ni boleh twit ni" or "letak status fesbuk bes ni!". do realize that too much exposure on the internet can be a bad thing. u want ppl to know about u? fine. but dont u dare complain if u have stalkers or threats etc. u are the one updating every single thing of ur life on the net. "lepas ni nak g tgk wayang la...macam bes je tgk kat mid valley....ihik ihik ihik" "i've just checked in wangsa walk's toilet to take a huge dump" etc.

emo fags. in my humble and most honest opinion, they are funny. expressing how they feel publicly for the whole world to read. "i just broke up....sob sob sob isk isk wuuuuuu" "sakit ati btl aku dengan management uni ni...blablablablabla" and rant and rant and emo and emo bullshit. totally waste of money for ur internet if u only use it to rant and emo and shit for the whole world to see what a pathetic human being u are. even if u pay 10 bucks per month for ur internet, that 10 bucks would be more useful if u donated it rather than using it to pay for internet connection just to ramble for everyone to see. ok fine this is sort of like a rant, its not like anyones reading anyways. besides, i dont call everyone i know to read my blog. if u find it, good for u. but i'm not responsible if u're reading all this crap that i typed lol. unlike facebook twitter myspace 4sq or shit, u have actual friends who are connected to it. who might not all gives a damn if u are crapping in sunway pyramid's toilet with ur twitter n 4square updates or even facebook status. lol.

media wannabes. i think they are on the same level as emo fags. just want cheap attention on the net. internet stardom as the say. lololololol. these types of ppl, feel cool to have the latest shits on their blogs, facebook or twitter when actually the found it elsewhere. spreading only-god-knows-the-truth types of news, info, gossips and all sort of speculation shit there is on the net. when asked where do u get this shit? "i got it from this 1 website". oh great its from the net, then this shit must be true!

ok2 enuf on the negative side. internet has many other uses than fame publicity etc. u can keep in touch wit ur friends through all the social networks available. update important parts of ur lives so ur friends knows whats happening but please oh please dont overshare. i dont think ur friends want to know what u are wearing to sleep or munching at the moment. lol.

info sharing on the net. best when u are sure about the info. tau hujung pangkal etc. there are many sources on the net that are reliable and from where we can learn from. if u want to share it, give credit to them, the ppl who u gain knowledge from. its not a freakin race to see who's got cooler info and shit. and it definitely is not a publicity contest to see who's famous. there's no need to seek attention on the net, that will only put urself in many positions that i'm sure u wouldnt want to be in (threats, stalkers etc).

besides, u want to be cool on the net? enjoy the pics below ;p


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