Sunday, May 25, 2008

ha ha i've started blogging

whoa this is my first post on a blog but to the readers out there, i'm sorry to disappoint you but i don't think that i'll be making this blog like my diary or sumthin..this means that i won't probably put in all the things i done in the i feel about someone or sumthin like dat.. maybe sometimes but i wont get my hopes up lol~

the first view from me is about a big time malaysian ban (well at least for boo u!) Dragon their album bout a year or two back..remembered the first and only (i think) time i saw them rock the world..they played system of a down's toxicity..dat song was like a has been song at dat time but for me they started off with just the right style with dat song..kinda like bringing back d dead
i think after watching them live i knew i MUST have their album
after havin their album..WHOA!! their music is really amazing...simply amazing! never heard a malaysian band sound like that (apart from disagree kot..haha)
to me their music is kinda hybrid between linkin park n korn (the linkin park maybe coz they have 2 vocals :P )
but i was really amazed by their music and never thought dat a malaysian band could reach dis level!! i even got maybe all their videos on the net..googled and googled for them..haha
their live performance is really head bangin n their album is awesome..what more can i say
really hope to see them live again..hopefuly..
back last year i saw on their site that they are coming to UTP..with the hotlink tour if i'm not mistaken..well at least they are scheduled to come but i think that their music is not the type that the management approves..maybe dats the reason they didn't came.. :(
haa..i even saw on their site bout a year ago that they will perform at US for some big concert..dunno how that goes but again i was amazed that they got a slot in a concert at US..pretty big la for a rising band in Malaysia..
really think that they got talent.. to me they got what it takes to go international..but maybe coz they are inside malaysia..cant do much bout it..maybe~ haha
to those out there (if there are people readin dis crap) who haven't heard of them..FIND THEIR MUSIC!! at least search for them at for sumthin like dragon red..can also try dragon red holocaust (the name of their album n a song in dat album)

dunno bout others but i'm certainly waiting patiently for their next release :D