Thursday, April 29, 2010

serious project!

following my previous post, i'd like to make a simple test, here in Malaysia

looking for a band, no matter how crappy you are, as long as ur in a band and can play music or even make noise with the instrument for all that i care.

to the band, i'd like it for you to go online, broadcast ur music everywhere possible. after doing that, just create a random hype bout ur band. just say it to the kids if they still havent heard bout ur band, they're so yesterday. hope and just hope that the hype u've created will get the kids' attention. plus points if u're aiming the 'cool schools' such as schools in damansara, shah alam, seri bintang utara or any school that you may think is cool.

next step, play in a local gig, once the hype is out and all the kids are banging to ur music no matter how crappy it is, they'll surely bang their heads off when they see u live. (proven by all the shitty malaysian bands out there who doesnt know how to really make own music, and not the same shitty music that other bands are playing)

after u've gone live, its time to go BIG babe! screw all the 'indie' labels u got while u were promoting ur music. thats just for promotion purposes only! get a record company to sign u in n go ahead and make a shitty album/EP or anything shitty for all i care. all the 'famous' bands are doing it right?

well, here comes the kids role again, surely they will buy ur album and give you their full support even when they're shitting piglets out from their ass. at this point, u can just play what ever music that they want u to play. do remember, it does not fuckin matter if ur music is that horibble. they're still giving their heart out to support u coz they'll think that by supporting such crappy music will make them cool. heck they'll also think they'll score +1000 cool points if they're a hardcore fan of urs.

ok now that u've made it big with ur crappy music, time to break it to the stupid kids. just make a statement bout the entire plan and just say that all ur supporters are shitheads for trusting the stupid hype. but well if u really do that, good luck walking around bukit bintang, pavillion or even mid valley coz all of them idiots seems to make all that spots their hangout place. haha

actually this is just another stupid theory on all the shitty music thats been circulating around Malaysia coz young bands prefer to follow the kids' demands and not trying to be unique with own style of music, well at least music that is not similar to 10 other bands within the same country. please, i've seen freelancer musicians play far better music than our so called 'artists' that only know how to follow the music trend.

lols enuf crap for now. -off-

Sunday, April 18, 2010

to euphonious utp 2010 committee :)

i got all the shoutbox chat history log along with your statement to approach disagree. if you want them you can leave a comment with ur email address in the comments :)

i decided to stop the comments on the shoutbox as ur committee are replying my questions with nonsense, even after i ignored them. even replied as wadefak's mom, wtf? kurang ajar sangat sampai ke level macam tu? they even replied using my name after i ignored them. *sigh*

the facts are, u're not doing ur job right. u've stated to approach the 2nd highes vote here but then about a week later u made another voting between 6th sense and disagree (link). voting also 1 week before actual event. wtf? if u've really contacted disagree 1 week before opening another vote, i think u can have them at ur show. maybe u can just manage 6th sense because they are the only available artist? if so then stop with the bullshit and just say so.

u made the new voting 1 week before the actual event and only gave us about 24 hours to vote. and when disagree's vote increases, u say that its a false vote, saying that the voter have same ip address. u cant get the voter's ip address unless u hosted the voting inside UTP. i'm an ICT student. if you can provide me actual proof on this issue then i'll drop it. else, stop the bullshit please.

u guys even printed the banner without any guest artist information on it. do you think that the guest artist is just cukop syarat to manage eupho? thinking that we'll come even if you bring in any artist as long as there's a guest artist in the event? well let me tell u, u'll certainly only get attendees who are friends with the band members, or someone who doesnt have anything better to do.

btw u're also saying that the 1st eupho committee ketinggalan zaman? tak tau ape? urs is much better? LOL!! without them, i think u'll never think of hosting euphonious. show some respect to ur elders you dumb #$@#$!. wakakaka. when ur elders give you tips, at least say thanx even if you're not accepting it. sigh, n then still got the balls to say my mom never teach me. (read urself in the log if u want, i never mess with ur family members) :)

btw u still havent answered my questions inside the shout, only replying with bullshit so far :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

how to be a famous artist

after a while, finally a new post is up (dont seem to have much time now)

straight to the point, here a my own personal tips on how to be a famous artist/singer

1 - listen to the radio, try to catch the current music hype, make a song that is similar to the song! kids these days dont really have the taste for music to appreciate uniqueness in music. they just normally go for the hype ones only
2 - good voice is no longer a criteria to be an artist nowdays (especially in Malaysia), refer tip #1
3 - create a song that kids can either bang their head to or dance like shit as if they wish they are in a nightclub. a simple beat editing from current music hype can also help.
4 - make the beat of your song remixable. this will increase the chances of primary school kids to dance anywhere in this world (...and i do mean ANYWHERE) and pretend that they are in a club, hitting it off with a hot chick.
5 - simply try to sneak into a recording studio, and when any artist is recording their sound, try to add your own sound (screams like "yeah" "uh huh" "owh kayyy" or even just blast the mic with your own beat). like i said, good voice is no longer a criteria (refer to tip #2). and if your own sound can make the song more happening or more remixable, you'll surely get a deal out of it.
6 - when all methos fails, just do a cover on all hit songs, +10 if you're covering current hype songs. or better yet, just change some of the lyrics, make it silly, use the original sounds, and make a parody. (this tip is proven by weird al and boyce avenue)

ok enuf crap for today.