Tuesday, August 31, 2010

another log lol

another interesting incident on UTPchat lol.
do enjoy if u're bored (of course u are, u wont be reading this in the first place if u arent ;p)

«--- [d0t]Merdeka|DataranIpoh (a@ has Left #ihack (skrip kidis not allowed)
.:~KauPeejakHatikuLagi:. tak reti la mslhnye
.:~KauPeejakHatikuLagi:. semua link rs
.:~KauPeejakHatikuLagi:. lololol
---» ruler (ruler@ has Joined #ihack
»» KauPeejakHatikuLagi gives channel operator status to ruler
.:@wade[layang2]:. ....
.:@wade[layang2]:. shit yu zeff
.:@wade[layang2]:. caah pon tanye apsal ko in memories
.:@wade[layang2]:. wakakaka
.:@wade[layang2]:. bob
»» You are now known as wadefak
»» services.utpchat.net sets mode +r wadefak

** sajoin bob masok cenel **

---» [d0t]scam|ForKahzbudan (a@ has Joined #ihack
»» KauPeejakHatikuLagi gives channel operator status to [d0t]scam|ForKahzbudan
.:@wadefak:. bob
.:@[d0t]scam|ForKahzbudan:. oh syit
.:@[d0t]scam|ForKahzbudan:. skrip kidies pwnd
»» [d0t]scam|ForKahzbudan is now known as [d0t]scam|PWND
.:@[d0t]scam|PWND:. oi faker
.:@[d0t]scam|PWND:. -mandi jap- sambil membasuh ****


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

such supportive friends

one fine day.

me: .....
apedem NeedALawyer tetibe folo aku kat twitter
bile aku need a lawyer

adam: tahniah
die tau2 je ape akan jd kalau dak2 yg masuk ihack kat final2 sem neh

**pastes above log in mirc.

.:@[d0t]scam:. wakaka
.:@[d0t]scam:. ko kena buang utp gk ke?
.:@[d0t]scam:. agh da xde member main snuk da
.:@wadefak:. wakakakakakaka
.:@wadefak:. babeh
.:@[d0t]scam:. jom
.:@[d0t]scam:. mkn vanggey skali lasttime
.:@[d0t]scam:. before kau leave utp
.:~FaKE:. farewell party ke
.:@wadefak:. ....
.:@[d0t]scam:. aah
.:@[d0t]scam:. jom FaKE
.:@[d0t]scam:. kita tong2 belanja dia vangey for the very last tiem
.:~FaKE:. kita kne blanje ke

such supportive friends T_T

Saturday, August 21, 2010

jobless post

waiting to wake a friend of mine, decided to post an image, on what happens if i'm bored.

actually, its not even his bday +_+

Friday, August 20, 2010

effect of overloaded owners of SLR cameras

1st of all, the usual apologies for having a life n not updating this blog more frequently. lols kidding. was kinda busy n had many issues b4. now all of it are considered done n i can finally find a boring place in my life to update this blog of mine. +_+

i think we all know that SLR cameras are everywhere these days. its a trend. but what are the effects of this scenario? from what i can see, ppl are starting to spend more, coz SLR camera's price range if i'm not mistaken would be more than RM1000 for a complete basic set. yes ppl are learning to save their money, some even cut down on their eating just to save up money to buy these cameras. but once they have enuf money, they spend it all at once just for that camera, only to act cool with it (well, ppl ARE overrating the device to me lol)

this scenario also created DOZENS of self-proclaimed photographers. taking normal pictures that can be taken better with a cameraphone (well not in terms of pic resolution of course) and just edit the picture afterwards with the additional "blablabla photography" on it. lol. n most of the photographers today just build their reputation just by being friends with good looking dudes and chicks and taking photos of them. thus, the word gets out that the person taking that picture is a photography GOD. *sigh*

another self-proclaimer that arises with this 'trend' on my observation would be the self-proclaiming models. just because they're friends with ppl who owns SLRs, they're usually invited to photo shootings by their friends to hv their pictures taken in the best possible manner to make they look perfect inside that photo session. n just because of that, they're claiming themselves as 'models'. *another sigh*

as the circle goes, ppl buys SLR, claiming to be a photographer, are friends with good looking peeps, invites them for a photoshoot, taking normal pictures, but the good looking peeps dont know a thing about ACTUAL photography uploads in onto facebook n calls it ART and claiming that the photographer is a photography GOD while claiming to be a 'part-time' model.

trust me, there are ppl spending their wealth to take pictures like this

well they're better of buying a normal digital camera instead IMO. lols