Monday, May 31, 2010

youth festival vs rock the world

phew, just finished my time as a volunteer at youth '10 festival. specific location : battle of the bands stage.

here's my vote on the title of this post, YOUTH FESTIVAL!
yes, i'm voting for youth festival over rock the world, an event i've been attending since high school. simply because, youth festival really has what it takes! (seriously, this is not a promotion)

ok for rock the world cons, since the past few rock the worlds, bands performing are bands that are played on the radio, or at least bands that have a reputation. to me those bands are overrated. well at least most of them are. there only few great bands that performs at rock the world, and the fact of paying 20+ to see a boring show, makes me lazier to go.

youth festival, an event for youths. frankly speaking the event itself is a healthy event with lots and lots of cool activities, and of course, FREEBIES. but since i'm 1 of the music volunteer team, i'll crap more about the musical side of the event.

for all 3 days, i've witnessed lots and lots (i do mean LOTS) of great bands performing, which makes me more irritated to those who dare to say malaysian music doesnt have what it takes. great bands from my perspective, bands who does not follow the trend, creates great, creative music.

from contestants of battle of the bands to the performers of the event, MANY great bands played! seriously, that is music. even tipped a reporter on a band that i've been watching, who appears to be the champion of youth festival's battle of the band. haha.

seriously being a volunteer working around the stage area, made me really proud of the ACTUAL music scene in malaysia. no crap bands playing brit pop 'indie' songs (no offence to the genre but crappy bands playing the genre and calling themselves 'indie' spreading like shit is starting to make me sick)

seriously if u didnt came by youth '10 or the battle of the band stage last weekend, u've missed out on a hell of an experience. especially for music lovers. coz i even knew a band whose members are around 20 years old. they do play GREAT songs and they are performing at an event on that age. how cool is that? n still some ppl have the guts to say malaysian music doesnt have what it takes?

i think we have what it takes in the music SCENE, but not in the INDUSTRY. coz the industry focusses more on mainstream bands/music...and yeah, i think currently it is focused on brit pop 'idie' bands. such a shame for the great bands who are not getting the credit from the INDUSTRY :(

well nvm, i got many REAL malaysian musicians' contact details from the event. who knows, maybe it'll worth something someday ^^

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

one tree hill s07e22 song

there's a song during this episode that really caught my attention. after searching a while, i found that the song name is light outside by wakey! wakey!. they even did a cover on weezer's say it aint so. great cover and a great song. pure creativity with awesome music with lyrics overall :D

another song by wakey2 inside this episode, almos enough by wakey! wakey!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

please bring back real music into the industry

what ever happened to spider, pop shuvit, k-town clan, disagree, estranged and all the real musicians in Malaysia? why are they not on the top of the industry like they're supposed to?


btw fag bands are not considered as musicians. Bunkface? they only follow their own crowd, and also following Greenday's musical change. Meet uncle hussein? hujan dan rakan2 whos music are very similar, dat stuff is shit. you only know how to follow the trend. dont call urself musicians please.

well, hope that the real musicians will get the chance to go big. just look at Pop shuvit. let all the stupid kids ignore them, they're a blast in japan! Estranged, quite similar situation, n yet they performed for MTV's world staage here. they deserve that international recognition coz they are REAL musicians. lets hope they give a sense of hope to other REAL musicians here to just forget our local crowd, they're just focusing on being cool, they don't know music i guess. lol :)