Monday, April 27, 2009


study..can also be looked as a subjective word

who says if you study well you will have a better life?

who says that what you are studying is enough for your future work?

who says that the highest scorer in the class will perform in their future work?

life is a lifelong lesson itself
each day we learn new stuff
how to live
how to do our work
how to deal with others

these are not the things that are taught within an average classroom
our classroom itself doesnt give us enough information on the stuffs being taught
we need to explore more ourselves for us to really understand what is being learnt
but sadly our explorations is not included in the final exam papers
who cares?
papers are just papers
we do the thing we do
and make sure that you make the most out of what you do
in the end the papers doesnt really matters
it only helps with your 1st job
then u'll be on ur own
this is where all the knowledge that you learnt during all those years come in handy
and that is when you know you will succeed or not

like i said, papers are just papers
to do well on papers, TONS and TONS of ways are created
legally or illegally
that is why that the papers are not that important

have faith, do ur best in what ur doing
and with HIS blessing, you WILL succeed :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

tak paham aku

aku tau la bile da angau tu sanggop buat ape je
tapi takkan la semate2 pompuan nak emo sampai mati
lek2 ah
membe sendiri pon teros buat tak tau
macam la nak kawen esok pon
sampai camni skali jadi

YSBT (sape2 paham tu paham a)

maap teremo lebeh
but stil memang aku tak tarik balek pon kate2 tu
nak emo2 pon
beragak2 ah
yg takde..cube adekan
kalau takde least ko maseh ade ape yg ko ade
jangan sampai yg ade pon jadi takde
pikir2 a sendiri :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

estranged latest album...worth the time listening!!

just heard the latest album from Estranged - Remain Unknown

this album really brings up the level of music in Malaysia
its been awhile since i've heard good quality in Malaysian music..after Disagree, Pop Shuvit, Butterfingers, OAG, Lied, Dragon Red etc

this album contains various types of music which blends in together well in a single song. it shows their creativity instead of creating typical music that most artists here in Malaysia do. we really need to support these types of bands because they REALLY deserve the support that they need because if you really listen to the album, they truly DESERVE to be on the top at this moment

the album also contains several malay songs that takes the "malay song" term to a whole new level with their awesome music. besides Aurora, i'd like for you to listen to the song called "Masa". for those inside utp in village 5, search for it.

to estranged, keep it up. u guys really make great music. dont let the trend change u EVER. u WILL be at the top :)