Thursday, April 14, 2011

its a funny world

Hoh..1st blog update from my liquid

During a karaoke session which i'm currently in (lol), i've noticed that even a gangster looking guy sings love songs. Which made me think, that even gangster looking guys are still male, who wants attention from the opposite sex and made me think bout the things guys and even girls do to get the attention of the opposite sex (apparently this only applies to the straight ones, lol)

Like the example i've mentioned above, some guys choose to be tough and gangster like to attract the oppisite sex. Makes them stand easier from the rest of the crowd perhaps?

...and to follow the flow, there are girls trying to look tough just so that they can get along well with those types of guys. Well this is just an example but i hope u get what i mean. There are many other funny ways that ppl do, including some that i've mentioned in previous posts such as following trends regardless if it suits them or not.

Do we really need such acts in our daily lives? Surely this post does not apply to all, but still, do we need it? I'm just happy observing all the funny things that ppl, including myself, do in our daily lives. Maybe that just adds colors in our lives? Hurm..
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Saturday, April 2, 2011

deal sites across malaysia

damn this deal sites are getting more and more. here's a list of the deal sites i've found so far

if u know any other deal sites for malaysia, leave it in the comments n maybe i'll consider making an online list of them ^^

**edited : just found 2 more malaysian deal sites. damn its getting more n more. good.