Thursday, February 5, 2009

review lagu lame lak..but meaningful 4 me

High School Never Ends - Bowling for soup

(malas nak kasi berjele2)

a song telling that high school life is not lived only by high schoolers but also applied to anybody who wants to be somebody
face the facts, u will nvr end ur high school life as long as ure tryin to be somebody..haha
if u really think about the lyrics, i bet u can relate it with people around you.
so what if other people are famous? so what if other people got what they want?
is it so disturbing for u to see them succeed?
does it makes ur life miserable?
cmon, ur only miserable coz u cant be like what?? u r NOT them!
dont be trapped in ur high school days, "graduate" please~
be urself, find ur own happiness :D