Friday, July 31, 2009


referring here, I would like to congratulate USM for winning F-Secure's security quiz.

for those who doesnt know what quiz is dat, its a computer security quiz organized by F-Secure. I was invited over to join around middle of july08 semester in UTP from my senior Yondie. to participate in the quiz, a team of 3 members must be created. me and silentpupp3t invited loire over to join our team

at the end of july08 semester, we had our prelimination quiz against sunway college. being still fresh in the area, i just answered the exam-like quiz. with no surprise, i got the lowest point for my team at that time but luckily we qualified for the final rounds :D

Yesterday, 30th July 2009 marks the final rounds of the security quiz. if calculated, more than 1 semester has passed since the qualifying quiz. a lot more has learnt, practiced, experienced and gained within the time period.

...but i experience a quite sad start of the quiz +_+

moved from home about 7.30 to reach b4 9...quite a mistake..change plans, naik tren!
and suddenly inside the train around kl central
...sakit perot la pulakkkk T_T
arrived there and just look for the toilet
which made me start answering another qualifying questions for my team quite late
a public apology to loire and silentpupp3t for that >.<
the qualifying quiz consists of 20 subjective questions on computer security to filter 8 teams to go to the quarter final

well, after settling my 'business' i went straight and answer the remaining questions as fast as i can (team with fastest and most correct answer qualifies)

settle answering quiz, now for the teams that qualify

"1st team to qualify..from Universiti Teknologi Petronas, d0t - De Zeroth" (patotnye de zeroth team laaa..haha)
memule cam tak caye gak...but dem!! thats my team!!

*berkat jugak la aku g toilet tadi*

dem i think i wont bore u with this so its better if i continue next time +_+

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

big thanx

tomorrow starts the final rounds for the security quiz

a big shout to yondie for inviting me over, silentpupp3t for accepting me, virus_abnormal for all the lessons, komodo^lion, kagesenshi, loire, satirae, aalim, slayer, aaba and last but not least, [blindheart]

without all of you, i wouldn't even be taking the prelims


all the best for the participating teams :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

radio ad

tadi dengor iklan kat radio
pomot ICT rasenye
tapi ade 1 ayat ni rase tak senang ati gak la dengar
derang nak kate sume orang bole gune comp
tapi ayat derang
"as long as u have a computer, and a pair of hands"
dempe weh
derang pikir x kalau2 yg kurang upaya tu terase??
ingat takde tangan takleh gune computer ke
haih...sape la yg luloskan ad tu...
mebi 1 one can sum up dat person for his/her action kot

*please take note that i do say mebi on describing the person :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A tribute to one of Malaysia's greatest

let us all pray for our beloved Yasmin Ahmad who died at 51 of stroke and brain haemorrhage on 11.25 pm last nite..
her works of arts has surely touched every single being who watched it regardless a malaysian or not
because her work truly comes from within, honesty from herself
to spread a message in her own unique way

from every single advertisement, every single movie, everything that she published
she included many and many important lesson to be learnt
because every work that she published, has its own meaning
a meaning for us to be seen, learnt and practiced
she conveys the message regardless of the protests and criticisms

that is truly the mark of a lagend..
she stood by her principles, knows what's important
and lets everyone knows that in her own way

..and for that, she will be missed dearly by every single person who was touched by her work..

let this be a wake up call, to make the artists in Malaysia realize
that not everything is about the money
but to reach out to every single person in a specific way
to show them a meaning in a single art work

and for everyone else, we should really be more like her
brave, standing for what is right
while teaching the entire world what living is really about

Yasmin Ahmad will surely be missed
and i personally hope, that her death wakes up her industry
to open up their minds, and be more open towards art
and hopefully, with their opened minds..
we can finally see the effects of Yasmin Ahmad work
on other art producers :)


Friday, July 24, 2009

bahaye log

me: weh
sarep ajak balek utp

nico: aaaa
xmo aaa sarep

me: sarep: uik
ape kes tibe2 je?


nico: eh?
ko paste ayt aku ke

me: a`ah

nico: budus

me: dem
senang gak nak scam ko

nico: aaaa

*log telah di oter skek2

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

view of #itu part 2 : channel info

finally i'm willing to add the story of #itu salah bahase..maap

dalam part 2 neh, aku nak story pasal ahli2 #itu, lebih kurang cam yg aku tules pasal #july06, tapi improved punye kot

well 1st thing 1st, sape yg kene tipu tu?? haaa...kalau korang dalam UTP, sile2 la masok UTPchat (introduced in previous posts) dan join #itu
taip /chanserv info #itu

korang akan nampak nick founder cenel - tutiu
(gtau je teros malas nak copy paste info dari utpchat..bukan aku dalam utp pon skang neh +_+)

well, cam yg aku stori sebelom neh, tutiu join cenel ni sebab kene tipu
dah kene tipu tu tak puas ati lak..g la dia ajak ramai2 join cenel tu..sampai cenel tu jadik ektip

bile disoalkan tentang penghuni2 awal cenel, ponder cenel memberi respon berikot:

me: sape yg masok cenel itu memule ek
ponder #itu: yap~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ni berenti takat ni dulu..untok mengumpol maklumat2 yg bakal diapdet kemudian :D

Thursday, July 16, 2009


arghh, sorry but i can't continue the story of #itu just yet
stil dun feel like it
especially when Disagree's latest album already hitting the stores
i'm 'getting' my copy as i type haha

just heard their latest single through their site

and i just CANT HELP MYSELF from writing my view of it


they maintained their music with improvements! great music, creative sounds with superb lyrics, truly their style :)

still waiting for my copy of the album and hopefully its going to be awsome :D
if they keep this up, they will be on top

boo those who supports the bands like bittersweet, bunkface, times n band2 yg macam tu lah instead of Disagree. :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

view of #itu part 1 : introduction

dah berape lame tangguh..finally i'm publishing my own view of #itu
cenel neh, ramai pendudok asal dari cenel july06
erm mebi at dat time kitorang (pendudok asal july06) was considered cam new faces kat mirc, bunch of juniors yg baru nak kenal2 utpchat
sebab tu kot dak2 yg lagi junior dari kitorang pon masok situ
well, bile cenel da ramai junior
daye tarikan pon berlaku terhadap senior2
(tak kesah la laki ke pompuan ;p)
make ramailah pendudok cenel july06

dalam keramaian cenel july06, macam2 la peristiwa berlaku
macam2 ektibiti, macam2 pengalaman, macam2 cerite
(ni memang sejarah betol kot g stori sampai sebelom wujud cenel lagi)

nak dijadikan cerite, pade suatu hari ni
cam bese borak2 kat cenel*
tgh borak panjang2, tetibe si A berkate pade si B
"jom sambong kat #itu"
lepas tu, si ponder #itu pon masok la #itu pasal dia sebok nak paham ape A ngan B tgh borak

alangkah kecewanye beliao
rupe2nye #itu yang disebot2 tu hanyelah name kaver untok cenel yg lain

dengan penoh rase tak puas ati, make si ponder pon register stret #itu

dah register pon tak puas ati gak
dia nak ramai ade kat situ
make dia pon ajak la ramai2 yg dia kenal masok ke #itu
n ever since, cenel tu memang meriah
ramai ahli baru tambah, ramai membe baru
banyak pengalaman baru, macam2 bende baru yg dapat belaja ngan derang2

well, ape jadik kat july06? cenel tu da makin kurang penduduk tetap akibat kebizian masing2, dan ramai yang taknak kenalkan diri tapi lepak kat cenel tu
tak cam #itu
where everybody knows everybody n no one is a stranger :)

eh lupe lak nak cerite pasal semua bende2 baru kat #itu
sape yg bertambah? sape ponder yang kene tipu tu?? ape ektibiti yang bersepah #itu???

to be continued........

*borak tersebot tak ingat lak kat cenel mane..tak july06 h!p kot..haha

Thursday, July 2, 2009


a picture is worth a thousand words

what does this picture says?