Monday, June 16, 2008

offspring's latest release

haha the 2nd post in my blog and yet another band review..but this time its more towards an album review..

the latest album from the offspring - rise and fall, rage and grace

btw, i AM A HUGE FAN of this band..i think i have ALL of their songs in my external..just name it!! haha

i just got the album (no need to tell where i got it lah...sian kat offspring..haha) and currently listening to it..tak abes semua lagi pon but wut the heck..their album is really something to write about

generally they haven't lost their punk rock touch with the exception of a few song which was a bit jambu for me..namely kristy, are you doing okay? maybe they want to increase their album sales that way? lol.. but personally for me there's nothing more that they can do to increase their sales as all of their songs so far have reached out to all of their fans..heck most of my fans are into punk rock and they LOVE the offspring..mostly because of their style of music maybe

1 thing dat i cant accept bout their latest album is their change within a few of their song which for me does not relate to their original style of music.. some of the songs inside this album even has PIANO!! haha.. in this album u can also notice that dexter's voice became more jambu during some songs.. -_-'

negatives aside, this album also contains songs that have not lost their punk rock touch..cant remember the name rite now (well actually lazy to open the other tab coz i'm writing..haha) but some of the song really reflects their true style, happy and not so meaningful songs (well..for me la..haha)

herm..runing out of ideas to comment on this album so i guess i'll end it here..maybe if i got some more shit to say i'll log in again and edit this post..haha..
but 1 things for sure if ur a real offspring fan (am i included? :P) be prepared to be amazed and a bit dissapointed at the same time when u hear this album