Monday, November 16, 2009

fly fm 4th anniversary 2009 :)

penat. sangat penat. penat kaw2.

haha.. there's no wonder to my tiredness. coz the event was a BLAST! :)

went to the event with ihsan at first. picked him up at kl sentral and we arrived at OU around 12..i tot dat we're on time coz i think i heard on fly sayin dat they start at 12..nasib la ade schoolmate kitorang jadi crew..he told us the concert starts at 6..demmit!

sampai2...usya hunny madu...seyesli she was damn cute!! (sori no pics taken throughout the event..nanti aku mintak kat akay) she was wearing a simple dress, wit sneakers!! cair beb :D~~

tgh2 borak dengan schoolmate..hunny madu lalu...pastu dia tegor membe kitorang semate2 nak cakap dia nak bla jap...meaning......schoolmate aku kenal hunny madu!!! FARKH!! SEYES JELES!! >.< **nasib la sebelom tu dah menang headphone xpax..ade kuiz derang tanye2..aku jawap je :D fill up the time, we played pool, planned to watch movies but ended up having a steamboat buffet lunch..managed to kill us a couple of hours.. after done eating, went back to the event..oh ye, we even got VIP passes from our friend! :D 1st band..couple if i'm not mistaken...dunno, and obviously dont care :) it was raining, so we head up to the VIP tent to enjoy our free flow of drinks :D after couple (dis band saks..wakaka) caprice is up if i'm not mistaken (malas nak ingat performance2 tak aku stori yg bes2 je la from now on) caprice...layan super...did a bunch of awsome covers (ade 2,3 lagu kot tapi yg aku ingat dia cover lagu down - jay sean je) and ended with his own hit song..layan gak, after caprice finish, akay sampai dengan zatil (wewit?) lepak2 la dengan derang after caprice is one buck short, great performance from the malaysian punk rock guru, with their 1 malaysia song featuring faizal tahir.the band also dressed up like they're going to play futsal. tak kesah la, performance mantap, lagu mantap, takde hal.. :D 4th act of the event..disagree...frankly i was afraid if they played their new songs...but luckily they only played their new hit and their old hits...super intro along with the gamelan! after disagree came faizal tahir, tgh2 faizal tahir perform pelik sampai...faizal tahir..sbenanye tau 1 je lagu dia...tapi dia tak main lak lagu tu..instead he played michael jackson's songs...SUPERB!!! with his shades, gloves and m.j t shirt, he truly rocked out the songs! seyes respek o>

lepas faizal tahir...ESTRANGED!
they started off yg pernah...quite boring song but the energy they give with their performance, layan bak2!! followed by in no time...lagu ni seyesli performance derang superb! lagu dah memang keras skek, siap ade banging satu band...macho gile!! their last song lak itu kamu..derang da bosan main slow2 kot...itu kamu pon rich jerit! :D
seyesli, their performance can make them go everywhere..really hope they keep up! :)

(effect layan kaw2 lagu derang - sakit tekak kaw2, mane tak, banging, jerit2 tgh2 hujan +_+)

after estranged was joe flizzow and after dat we went back home.

**nak bakar skek, VIP passes tu, dapat makan free skali, makanan TGI..mantop! dapat brownies skali..tak tau berape banyak sebat~ (rindu nak makan lagi brownies TGI...demmit!) btw ni post pasal eena jeles tgk blog aku. wakakaka

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

packet sniffer that extracts PDF files

been a week or so since i started the project, tried ruby, python and C

ruby is kinda flexible, but there is no way of decoding captured packets, packets are displayed as raw data....

python can decode the raw data...but is not as flexible as ruby...

C...kinda messy...currently reading on pcap tutorials...starting to get the hang of things

*haih UTP, takde pon belaja betol2 socket programming.... wismilak +_+