Sunday, July 13, 2008

offspring lagi..but this time on a specific song :)

wooo currently i'm listening to you're gonna go far, kid by the offspring..pretty amazing song

been hearing dis song for the past two hours i guess..wit my lil maybe its kinda freaky having to hear a single song over and over for about two hours but for me..this song really shows their image as the offspring in this new album :)

at first i just read the lyrics of this song and to me the lyrics seems meaningless (at first!) but after hearin over and over..the lyrics are kinda deep..i think its about a really farkhed up liar in daily least to me la :D

what really gets me bout this song is the music style...really OFFSPRING!! :)
the song starts off with a catchy tune with a cool riff of drums and not forgetting wit the matching choice of guitar chords (hats off to them for this) that really gets me in the mood to move when suddenly..

..the pre chorus (i guess) comes in with the lyrics "now dance, farkher, dance"

herm..kinda cool to be performin it live during a real dance..when every1 is moovin to the catchy intro til the pre chorus part..haha

when the chorus comes in, really headbangin least for punk rock music la.. :D
all that within a song that i think is about big time farkhin liars..whoa~ kinda amazed wit them for a sec there..but heck its the offspring for god's sake :)

my lil bro even opened their live performance of this song on youtube..hats off again coz their performance live is really something to watch..really hope that they come over to malaysia for a performance..and hopefully there wont be any problem for me to see them perform coz i'd definitely go and watch them i did wit incubus XD

oh i really drafted away
back to the vid, i really liked the part near to the endin when there's no guitar sound..only bass and their guitarist just screams "dance farkher dance" part..funny~ haha :D
some of the comment on the vid even said that their live performance of the song is better than the album version (clap2) XD

the solo for the song is really sumthin also even its not dat complicated (its a punk rock song solo..go figure :D) coz the solo comes in as the dexter's voice fade on the chorus...kinda smart..hihu~

again..hats off to the offspring for producing a hell of a song for their new album..rise and fall, rage and grace..really shows their talent on producing a great song wit the right mixtures of elements within the song :D